Friday, 30 March 2012

hand lettering

o-o and l-man are hanging out at b's today (the lads are comrades in chicken pox). i've been hand lettering, working on ideas for a greeting card set. enjoyable. lots of inspiration (and potential for procrastination) on this amazing pinboard.

Monday, 26 March 2012

how the other half live...

just added this triptych of etchings to the sianuskavintage shop. they depict the world famous British public school Eton college, where the government went... the local comp it ain't!

chicken pox

o-o's got the chicken pox. poor lamb is covered in them. he's keeping his chin up tho'. he's been having lots of peppermint-y baths to sooth the itching. the drawing is a collaborative effort.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

the sky's beginning to bruise...

one for my favourite quotes from 'withnail and i'. i've just listed this lovely 1920s landscape painting in the sianuskavintage shop.

art deco dance magazine for sale on etsy

i'm in the process of listing my friend's great grandmother's collection of beautifully illustrated 1920s 'dancing world' magazines. amazing art deco illustrations, gorgeous flapper style costumes and nostalgic content. these would look so fab framed in a group. some are available for sale here. they take an absolute age to list, contact me if you see something you'd like to purchase that isn't listed.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

new in the sianuskavintage shop

i've really neglected the vintage shop since o-o dropped his nap, there's just no time to list but i've just added these treasures if you'd like to take a look...
 beautiful linen hankies for when irish eyes aren't smiling...
 cute little elephant money box
 splendidly retro wood jigsaw puzzle from holland
i'll try to add more things soon, the loft is literally choc-a-bloc with stuff. now i'm off to sort out the plan chest, who knows what lurks within those cluttered drawers.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

shipping forecast second edition

i finished printing a second edition of the 'shipping forecast and cuppa' print yesterday while m and o went to see 'monster in paris' at great expense (turns out not all saturday morning showings are part of the bargain kids club deal...). please help me to recoup some of the cost of their cinematic extravagance; prints are available now in my folksy and etsy shops. i've changed the layout a bit for the second edition so they are easier to frame. the perfect gift for the salty ol' sea dog in your life.

happy mother's day to all the mamas out there and especially to my mum who cares not for the internet and so is unlikely to ever read this (i'm off to phone her now...)

Thursday, 15 March 2012


yesterday was a productive day. the advent of spring always makes me feel like being a bit more productive (after the slothsomeness of winter!). i managed to print the first separation of the second edition of 'shipping forecast and cuppa'. i've changed the layout a little bit so it will be easier to frame. hopefully i'll get the prints finished this weekend and have them in the etsy and folksy shops next week. 

i can't really take credit for the next item on the list but it made me feel like i'd done some spring cleaning without actually lifting a finger...  a lovely young man knocked on our door and asked if he could polish the letterbox and door knob as he was setting up a business and needed some examples for his portfolio. a very nice job he did too, if you're brighton based and you'd like him to give your door furniture the once over then his name is sebastian and his number is 07506250947.

with thoughts of photographing the newly shiny knob i discovered, to my horror that our camera was kaput and displaying an E18 error message. thank heavens for t'internet, a quick search revealed that E18 signifies a lens error, probably something to do with being transported in my sand filled bag (by rights the sandpits at our local park should be empty, we bring so much home with us after each visit). anyway, i disassembled (cyber chums, you can only imagine what a very fiddlesome operation this was) the camera using the online instructions and removed the offending grains using a scalpel blade and hey presto, the camera lives to snap another day. 

i also took advantage of the free business cards offer (for folksy sellers) at moo. i loves a bargain as you know. having saved the princely sum of £10.99 i then blew £25 (i know! but really, what is in the cheaper ones?) on some non toxic nail varnish and remover. i chose the shade 'kilt lifter' (love the name), i'll let you know how it works out.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

hubble bubble

i used some of my birthday money to treat myself to this aroma diffuser from muji. as always the design is simple and unobtrusive (unlike other aroma diffusers which all seem to resemble cartoon space ships!). i've only used lavender and geranium oils so far but i'm going to invest in some more, citrus-y ones like lemon appeal. matt, meanwhile, says it reminds him of something out of meg and mog.

toast snack of champions

crumbs - back by popular demand! toast snack of champions print (second edition of 50 prints) available now in my etsy and folksy shops. i like mine VERY buttery or, if i'm feeling fancy, with jam, banana and peanut butter. what's your favourite toast snack?

original, limited edition, signed. printed in my teeny tiny home studio with elbow grease and lots of love. fits neatly in an ikea ribba frame for your convenience. toast lovers of the world unite.

Monday, 5 March 2012

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