Sunday, 24 February 2013


i bought one of these 'under this moon' necklaces for tk's lovely girlfriend for christmas (don't worry bro, i'll pick up the romantic slack for ya). saz was delighted with her gift and so was i, so much so that i ordered a necklace for myself with o-o and wee baby j's first moons. the package from amsterdam arrived in the post on the same morning as a belated christmas package from my upsidedown sis in australia, and guess what? my present from my sis was another moon necklace! she has my birthday moon and i have hers. of all the beautiful handmade items on etsy we chose the same, that's some spooky sister stuff... i couldn't be happier (o-o loves looking at 'his' moon), lovingly crafted and thoughtfully presented by a talented maker. i spent ages trying to take some nice photos, these are the best i could manage, apologies for the slightly grubby white t-shirt, i'm such a slummy mummy.


o-o - father son trip to london to see the moving dinosaurs at the natural history museum. i love his hands in this photo.
wee baby j - mum's eye view

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


i went to the dentist last week for part two of a root canal / crown treatment, thank goodness for the maternity exemption (surely the next thing to be scrapped by the tories). apparently i have bendy roots, nightmare. afterwards i mooched over the road to dave's comics and treated myself to 'dockwood' by jon mcnaught (published by nobrow press, the images above are pilfered from their website, hope they don't mind). well lush.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


wee baby j - feeling better
o-o - suddenly he's all limbs!

everything is slowly returning to normal after our ten days in hospital. wee baby j, thrilled to be back at home, in his highchair vantage point, is all smiles and poke-y out tongue. o-o, on a granny vava come down and with an indie schmindie hairdo is now a very much a small boy, he's noodle-ing out fast. 

being in hospital is something i'd never experienced before wee j's arrival and each time we've been in i've found it quite a challenge keeping the cabin fever at bay. however, in the midst of the tedium and the ready meals, chats in the parents' kitchen offer regular reminders of how lucky i am. with that in mind, i'm sending lots of get well soon love to all of the folk who are still up on the ninth floor and a big thank you to all the staff at RACH for being so very kind, you're all mint. 

Friday, 15 February 2013


o-o - i'm colouring everything that's white green*.
* he asked for a pen and then i found him five minutes later, hard at work giving richard scarry a make over. didn't seem to be an act of vandalism. he was really pleased with himself so i waived my usual rule about drawing in books, just this once...
no photo of wee baby j and i'm very late with my 6/52 post. we've been in hospital for ten days as poor wee j has had bronchiolitis again. we've been focussing on his recovery and haven't really wanted to take photos of him. he's feeling much better now and enjoying being back at home.

Saturday, 2 February 2013


i've been stubbornly designing, screen printing and making of a series of tea theme greetings cards even though they take an age to construct, have involved the purchase of a twenty quid mini stapler and offer profit margins that resemble the gable end of a five pound note - pretty flipping slim. m and my parents (who have been visiting this week, so good to have two extra pairs of hands, this 'living-miles-away-from-the-grandparents, nuclear family malarky is just silliness) have laughed at my folly. anyways, the cards are in my folksy shop now. buy one and make all those hours of fiddle-y mc-faff faff worth my while. P.S. the brown paper backdrop, your thoughts please.


wee baby j - dribble
o-o - dream talk

week five and i'm feeling rather envious of the abundant natural light that is in evidence in the lovely photos taken by southern hemisphere contributors to the 52 project... 
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