Monday, 16 April 2012

wibble wobble, wibble wobble...

...jelly on the plate.

just listed these vintage jelly moulds in the sianuskavintage shop. one round, one oval, both in the classic wibble-wobble shape as seen in cartoons and your childhood birthday party photos. i wonder why this shape became the shape for jelly moulds, to accentuate the quiver?
have you seen these amazing wibble-y creations and installations by bompas and parr, the UK's foremost jellymongers (excellent job title!).

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

confined to barracks...

we are stuck in the house as o-o is potty training. there have been ups and downs. (toilet) roll on the day i no longer have to wash and dry nappies. being confined to barracks makes me yearn for the great outdoors. i love this birdbox planter. 
during a brief foray into the outside world (a visit to the dentist) i read an article about this book. sounded interesting, especially the bits about growing and cooking with unusual herbs. and the cover is nice.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

the surrey open

john bulmer, my long suffering boss when i was a teacher is now enjoying well deserved retirement. excitingly, one of his etchings has been selected for inclusion in this year's surrey open art exhibition. scheck!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

world map wallpaper & mum tip #3

hey! we have another finished room... finally got round to hanging the world map wallpaper in o-o's bedroom, we bought it using money he was given for his second birthday so once again we haven't been the quickest out of the blocks on the home improvements. grampy b brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to the project, i merely assisted, mainly by dropping the pasting brush into the bucket of paste. o-o and m spent ages this morning looking at the map and discussing the different countries, o-o likes the 'broken sea bits' (groups of islands!).

wallpaper from here. wheel-y storage boxes from here. solid-as-a-rock-non-wobblesome-so-worth-paying-a-bit-more-for big boy bunk beds from warren evans. the bed linen is ikea and the rainbow big squares blanket was knitted by great auntie g. i customised a jumble sale blanket with pom-pom fringe to make the curtain. my lovely cousin made the bunting.

also, my top mum tip (#3) for transition from cot into a big bed; foam bumpers. they work a treat, you just put them under the sheet, no need to screw anything into the bed frame. kiddo can't get wedged or trapped like with some other guards and they are easy to take on holiday. they make the bed feel extra cosy, o-o clambers in happily very night.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

she's coming to tea

dashi dog from octonauts, once queen of o-o's heart, has been usurped by the 'princess' from monster in paris (i'm told by m that the character is not in fact a princess but rather a beautiful singer). he loves her very much, though from that description you'd never guess! more conversations with the kiddo here.

nice hair

whilst listing my new grey version of the old lady swearwords print i spied this lovely lady on the folksy front page. hasn't she got nice hair (shade and style)? i like the floral blouse too.

my gran had red hair before it turned white. she is obsessed with red heads and even closely examined the ultrasound images of owen in utero before proudly declaring that she could see 'a hint of ginger'.

you can read a story i wrote and illustrated about her plaits here.

shades of grey

the grey version of the old lady swearwords print has proven really popular. i've just printed some more in a new shade, a lovely matte, deep, dark grey. you can buy one here or here.
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