Sunday, 8 April 2012

world map wallpaper & mum tip #3

hey! we have another finished room... finally got round to hanging the world map wallpaper in o-o's bedroom, we bought it using money he was given for his second birthday so once again we haven't been the quickest out of the blocks on the home improvements. grampy b brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to the project, i merely assisted, mainly by dropping the pasting brush into the bucket of paste. o-o and m spent ages this morning looking at the map and discussing the different countries, o-o likes the 'broken sea bits' (groups of islands!).

wallpaper from here. wheel-y storage boxes from here. solid-as-a-rock-non-wobblesome-so-worth-paying-a-bit-more-for big boy bunk beds from warren evans. the bed linen is ikea and the rainbow big squares blanket was knitted by great auntie g. i customised a jumble sale blanket with pom-pom fringe to make the curtain. my lovely cousin made the bunting.

also, my top mum tip (#3) for transition from cot into a big bed; foam bumpers. they work a treat, you just put them under the sheet, no need to screw anything into the bed frame. kiddo can't get wedged or trapped like with some other guards and they are easy to take on holiday. they make the bed feel extra cosy, o-o clambers in happily very night.


  1. Oh my, I want that wallpaper...

  2. would look fab in a hallway. in your next house? hanging it should be no problem for your handy man! x

  3. What a lovely, inspiring room! And thanks for the tip - my son's still in a toddler bed, but I'm filing this away for later.


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