Sunday, 28 October 2012

pumpkin carving fun

 'what a lovely idea' said o-o. me and my cold shoulder sat out the activity but i managed to snap these photos.

beauty and the beast

look what i made (and if i an ANYONE can). pinned here.
and o-o made this lego beast.
in another beastly development, i have done my shoulder a major mischief. a combination of screen-printing in the teeny tiny home studio and wonky lying down breast feeding positions seems to have resulted in a frozen frickin' shoulder. ouch. hoping a good pinning (actual not virtual) tomorrow might fix me.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

making and breaking

and so it's autumn, all my photos are a tad dark and grainy. i've been making wee baby j a pixie hat using a vintage knitting pattern (it's from the same booklet as the zigzag helmet). i bought some lovely and unbelievably affordable wool from tiger, (the brighton store opened not long ago and everyone i speak to is beside themselves with joy to find a new source of scandi loveliness). i'm a very slow knitter and, unlike grannies everywhere, am unable to do anything else at the same time so progress is slow. even slower in fact as o-o naughtily grabbed the knitting while my back was turn and unravelled two hour's worth of work. sigh. it was a day of destruction. in the afternoon he ran past a display of elmer mugs in the jubilee library shop, knocking two off the shelf and cracking them. i paid for the damage of course, whilst cursing patchwork elephants, low grade plastic crockery and ill thought out shop displays through gritted teeth.
when not destroying, o-o's been constructing mc escher style castles from our geriatric lego.
 and sailing away with little bro on safari boats.

fingers crossed for a win!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

london fieldworks

spontaneous city, cremorne gardens
spontaneous city in the tree of lebanon

Friday, 5 October 2012


o-o has started at nursery. running there in the mornings, wearing his yellow coat and with his little arms pumping like pistons he looks like alfie dashing home first. while he is busy there i've been busy at home (while wee baby j naps). 
i've discovered that all our pencils have shattered leads, very frustrating...
finally, having achieved a reasonable point, i set about sharpening up my tea pot drawing skills...
...preparations for a new print. which of these pots do you like best? i went for a hybrid of two in the end.
i've been listening to desert island discs while i draw. did you know there are over 1500 episodes in the archive?

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