Tuesday, 23 October 2012

making and breaking

and so it's autumn, all my photos are a tad dark and grainy. i've been making wee baby j a pixie hat using a vintage knitting pattern (it's from the same booklet as the zigzag helmet). i bought some lovely and unbelievably affordable wool from tiger, (the brighton store opened not long ago and everyone i speak to is beside themselves with joy to find a new source of scandi loveliness). i'm a very slow knitter and, unlike grannies everywhere, am unable to do anything else at the same time so progress is slow. even slower in fact as o-o naughtily grabbed the knitting while my back was turn and unravelled two hour's worth of work. sigh. it was a day of destruction. in the afternoon he ran past a display of elmer mugs in the jubilee library shop, knocking two off the shelf and cracking them. i paid for the damage of course, whilst cursing patchwork elephants, low grade plastic crockery and ill thought out shop displays through gritted teeth.
when not destroying, o-o's been constructing mc escher style castles from our geriatric lego.
 and sailing away with little bro on safari boats.

fingers crossed for a win!

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