Wednesday, 29 February 2012

for the kiddo

made a quick etsy treasury featuring some fab things for kiddo (and mama!). love the crocheted harness although not sure it's really the done thing to hang bells from your toddler these days (kitty kiddo!). we're saving up for a kitchen transformation (at the moment the cabinets are plastic wood and the floor is fake terracotta tile lino - shudder) but if i did have some spare cash i would be treating o-o to some of these lovely items. the poor lad's had a fever for the last few days and hasn't been his usual self at all, but this morning the illness seems to have progressed to the snot boogler stage and he is much more chipper.

and spring appears to have sprung at last - hurrah!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

wheel-y great

yesterday we received the storage boxes on castors that i ordered in an attempt to bring some order to o-o's possessions. handy. love this jacket (via threesixtythinking). and am hankering after this, our house smells like a fishmonger after m cooked a haddock-y tea for us last night!

Monday, 20 February 2012

half term

we've been on our half term holidays to sutton hoo and manchester. sutton hoo was snowy, o-o enjoyed looking for the footprints of the big bad mouse

in manchester we visited the museum and the o-o's favourite exhibits; the elephant and whale skeletons and the huge spider crab. for years i thought that the spider crab might be waiting for me during seaside paddles (fear not dear readers, i have since learnt that this species is japanese and not native to british waters!). after the museum we decamped to the RNCM (granny va-va's spiritual home) for coffees and hot chocolate. o-o was delighted by the marshmallow, cream and chocolate flake topped extravaganza purchased for him by grampy m. sugar-rush-tastic.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


more conversations with the kiddo here


kurt schwitters' merzbau. i read somewhere that he cut holes in the floor of the house to allow the merzbau to 'grow' unfettered. images from the tate website. some amazing 21st century cardboard box structures here - makedo. l-man and o-o are having fun in the cold outside, checking out items embedded in bucket-top-ice and throwing stuff down the steps. CRASH!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

cardboard box construction

this morning, super inspired after seeing our pal, miss pea creating and inventing using her makedo kit  we made a GUP-O just like the GUP-A in the octonauts. o-o set sail to rescue dashi (his first love?) who had been swallowed by a whale shark. 

then we went for hot chocolates in town (bought o-o his own, i have learnt from bitter experience that it is a foolhardy individual who shares their chocolat chaud with this little guzzler) and a mooch in the library. this afternoon we had a browse in the charity shop before hitting the playground for some nail biting adventures. o-o was so brave, kept climbing the big boy ladder despite falling off once ("my legs keep falling down") until he could ascend unassisted. pride.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


i've just listed our habitat rug on ebay. here it is.

i love it, it is super sculptural and a fab colour but as you know i HATE housework and this bad boy requires a lot of vacuuming. it is the rug for which all those little hoover attachment nozzle things were created.


Friday, 3 February 2012

best of british: tea and biscuits

happy friday fellow tea sup-ers and biscuit dunkers. i'm enjoying a delicious brew while m baffles himself trying to work our just how they got the amazing footage in this documentary. in a mo we will watch episode two of 'birdsong' (avian theme?) although i am disconcerted by the male lead's strange blue lips. 

rather giddy with excitement to have my 'dunk' print featured in this round-up of splendid, biscuit-y art, homewares and suchlike. i'm particularly coveting the 'family favourites' tea towel and my dear friend rach bought us a pair of tunnocks mugs for christmas. thankyou claire for including my work.

have a lovely weekend and wrap up warm against those siberian weather fronts.
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