Sunday, 27 January 2013


o-o - my bookworm
wee baby j - toes

Friday, 25 January 2013


anyone else doing the RSPB big garden bird watch this weekend? me and o-o have spotted sparrows (obviously), a robin, collared doves, a thrush and blackbirds in our titchy garden this week. let's hope they stand up and be counted tomorrow!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

money on your cup

my grandma always used to say that when there was a bubble floating on my tea. perhaps the little beauty that quivered atop my cuppa this morning might mean that much needed riches are on their way?!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

january ebaying

january, as always, brings skintedness in its wake, and so, as always, i turn to the ebay. 

silver shoes, you have no place in the mama wardrobe and so you must away! i'm also selling the miyo baby hammock which we bought in our wealthier days before o-o was born. it's hardly been used o-o didn't give a monkey's what contraption you placed him in, he wasn't going to be doing any good sleeping, no siree and wee baby j had already outgrown it by the time i remembered we had it and hauled it out of the loft. also planning to do the car-boot sale at the weekend.
*hammock now sold!


...looking pencil, 'blackedge', pilfered from my old workplace.

...trip home from nursery. there were other, less blurred photos but none captured the excitement like this one.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


wee baby j - spaghetti
o-o - now in regular use

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


some christmas gifts* (and o-o's library book - nice illustrations of NYC and pleasing typography),  need to crack on with reading a novel (or six) as per my new year's resolutions. meanwhile, m's got the OFSTEDs in, shudder.
* obviously the divas and dictators book wasn't a present...bought for myself after a particularly trying day!  

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


wee baby j and i were up and on with at 5.55am, he is the early bird cuckoo in the night owl's nest! it was chilly so i made a quick fire with a few bits of kindling (nice word) and back-of-the-wood-pile logs. wee baby j enjoyed the flames. once o-o finally awoke the three of we had a leisurely porridge before having a constitutional walk to 'the patch' where o-o smashed ice with sticks - 'i've never done this before'. 

last night i finally watched the tove jansson documentary, made me wan to live on a finnish island and knit socks. i've got an idea brewing for which i need to make perforations, isn't this the cleverest?

Saturday, 12 January 2013


o-o - viewmaster
wee baby j - apple cheeks

posting this now to avoid any noodling on the internet tomorrow night. i plan to watch a documentary on tove jansson instead. 

perching in the shops now...

i've managed to edition and photograph the sparrow prints. they are available for purchase in my folksy and etsy shops now. perhaps you could hang him on a wall near a window so he can watch the avian goings on outdoors?

Thursday, 10 January 2013


thanks to everyone who bought one! i've just finished editioning the bird prints and will list them in the shops this weekend. i'm aiming for a print a month in 2013. making art makes me happy, i'm living the dream...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


i'm midway through printing a new edition of the little sparrow screen print (observant readers will notice the sparrow is facing the other way this time). i've used the same fresh blue-green as the first edition and added a sunny yellow (don't we all need a little sunshine in these dark january days? sorry about the gloomy photo, midwinter + victorian terrace = not ideal light for photographing art). i hope to get them finished tomorrow afternoon, if wee baby j has a nice long nap. then i'll be able to list them in the shops over the weekend, in good time for, gulp, valentines. i plan to use my ill gotten gains to fund a new table and chairs (these have already been ordered, ours are rather bow legged!) and the purchase of the yellow jacket that i've been coveting. 
fingers crossed they'll fly off the cyber shelves.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


i'm gonna try and take part in this project this year.

wee baby j - teething
o-o - wildness

2013 - lucky for some!

here's my ubiquitous 'didn't last year fly by and here are my new year's resolutions' post...

2012 was a year of big changes and dramatic arrivals. jul was a cheeseandcrackersfest, just the way i like it. this pretty much sums up the post christmas period. i'm so very lucky (and happy) to be cosy and safe in my little wonky house of chaos with my lovely family. 

my new year's resolutions are (have since discovered that that's not how you spell liqueur)...

today, in the spirit of organisation and spring cleaning i made this new storage solution for my tapes (adhesive not cassette) and twine. satisfying.
and then me and o-o went to see this at the komedia. i loved the techno obsessed big bro and the speccy dad. o-o loved the octopus. afterwards he kept doing a runner and tested my patience.
happy new year to you all. x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

years whizz by...

my friend helen told me about this blog, i've arrived rather late at the party and in fact, the project seems to have finished. no matter, lots of great images, and i especially love the simple titles of the posts.
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