Friday, 29 June 2012


just ordered this for me o-o because:
  • it will pay for itself before the summer is out
  • we might get some consistently hot weather
  • it makes lollies is seven minutes!
  • i have been drawn in by the nice photos above
have a fab weekend

Thursday, 28 June 2012

big brother, little brother

so cute.

i'm making a preggo, birth and mama pinboard, it's here if you wanna take a look. both tiddlers are ludicrously fresh faced considering how little night-time sleep they're having. i, on the other hand, am knackered, my eyes look like piss holes in the snow, thank goodness for the chocolate pistachio fudge which m made from this nigella mansell book. i just ate some for breakfast, it has taken the edge off.

i know this blog has been rather light on non kiddo content lately, apologies. i really want to get back in my studio and make some work, maybe when m finishes work for the summer... at the moment the studio is literally gathering dust. i have vague plans to do a graphic short (birth) story about wee baby j's arrival, i could do the necessary drawings on my lap without having to tidy said studio, bonus.

Monday, 25 June 2012

babywear meets world's strongest man meets gay pride

scheck out wee baby j sporting a new jumper made by (great) auntie g. where babywear meets world's strongest man meets gay pride - one hell of a venn diagram. sadly i was unable to capture his 'lifting the atlas stone' pooing face here. he's getting to be such a tough guy - i draw your attention to the cheeks, the chins and the arms. 'has he been eating raw eggs and chicken breasts for breakfast?' i hear you cry. breast milk is surely a doping scandal waiting to happen.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


we are with snot. o-o and wee baby j have shared germs during their many brotherly lovely hugging sessions and both have runny noses. here's o-o on the beach this morning with snot mustache. i have ordered what can only be described as a snot vacuum to clear little j's schnuffley airways, have tried the old school approach of sucking it out but it is a)ineffective and b)beyond grim.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Saturday, 16 June 2012

balloon bridge

balloon bridge sculpture by olivier grossetĂȘte as part of the tatton park biennial. amazing.

Friday, 15 June 2012

bread and jam

thanks to the lovely loves at bread and jam for featuring my sparrow print in their folksy friday showcase. also thanks to my lovely folksy customers, my shipping forecast and cuppa prints have been flying off the cyber shelves!

big boy o-o and wee baby j

wee baby j was a month old yesterday. it's his due date on sunday. he's 4kg now (8lbs 13oz) and beginning to develop those pleasing elastic band wrists. he likes to snooze the days away in a cosy knitted nest. 
o-o is suddenly a big boy. here he is giggling wildly while monkeying around in the rain at the playground. he has memorised edward lear's 'the owl and the pussy cat' and has developed a keen interest in chinese astrology (he's an ox, baby j is a dragon, very auspicious).

ladybird books on breastfeeding

found this spread while having a nostalgic flick through my charity shop copy of 'talkabout baby' by ladybird books. i love the style of illustrations and the mamas' hairdos. an interesting collection of breast feeding inspired art here. days and nights are passing in a milky daze here tho' my oversupply of milk (perhaps i was a wet nurse in a past life?) means i've been adopting a lying down feeding position and looking somewhat less serene than the ladybird breast feeding mama.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

reason for silence...

hello again cyber friends. sorry i have been silent for so long. we've been busy...having a baby! and here he is, wee baby j a-bundled in a blankie. he was born five weeks early thereby scuppering our plans for a repeat of the lush home-birth experience we had with o-o. wee j chose instead to make his entrance in dramatic fashion, into my trousers in the hospital corridor between maternity triage and delivery suite. he weighed 2.95kg (6lbs 8oz in old money). he has been drinking from the bo ever since and piling on the ounces. we are all delighted with him and o-o is a very proud big brother. 

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