Thursday, 28 June 2012

big brother, little brother

so cute.

i'm making a preggo, birth and mama pinboard, it's here if you wanna take a look. both tiddlers are ludicrously fresh faced considering how little night-time sleep they're having. i, on the other hand, am knackered, my eyes look like piss holes in the snow, thank goodness for the chocolate pistachio fudge which m made from this nigella mansell book. i just ate some for breakfast, it has taken the edge off.

i know this blog has been rather light on non kiddo content lately, apologies. i really want to get back in my studio and make some work, maybe when m finishes work for the summer... at the moment the studio is literally gathering dust. i have vague plans to do a graphic short (birth) story about wee baby j's arrival, i could do the necessary drawings on my lap without having to tidy said studio, bonus.

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