Friday, 15 June 2012

ladybird books on breastfeeding

found this spread while having a nostalgic flick through my charity shop copy of 'talkabout baby' by ladybird books. i love the style of illustrations and the mamas' hairdos. an interesting collection of breast feeding inspired art here. days and nights are passing in a milky daze here tho' my oversupply of milk (perhaps i was a wet nurse in a past life?) means i've been adopting a lying down feeding position and looking somewhat less serene than the ladybird breast feeding mama.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the post. Now I'm trying to locate the book 'Talkabout Baby' from Ladybird Books. Please tell me the publishing info for it, and year if possible. I see what I think are newer versions of the book (Amazon .com) but would like to locate the version you showed us in your post. Advise me, please? Thank you. -- a Grandmom in Iowa USA, pro-breastfeeders rights


hello, thanks for taking the time to comment. i love reading them. x

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