Friday, 3 February 2012

best of british: tea and biscuits

happy friday fellow tea sup-ers and biscuit dunkers. i'm enjoying a delicious brew while m baffles himself trying to work our just how they got the amazing footage in this documentary. in a mo we will watch episode two of 'birdsong' (avian theme?) although i am disconcerted by the male lead's strange blue lips. 

rather giddy with excitement to have my 'dunk' print featured in this round-up of splendid, biscuit-y art, homewares and suchlike. i'm particularly coveting the 'family favourites' tea towel and my dear friend rach bought us a pair of tunnocks mugs for christmas. thankyou claire for including my work.

have a lovely weekend and wrap up warm against those siberian weather fronts.


  1. fab work honeybun! and yes the tunnocks mugs were Gillian Kyle - I also love her Scottish breakfast stuff

  2. Hi Sian, delighted you liked the post! Will certainly keep an eye on your shop in future. Personally tempted by your Habitat rug but I also hate hoovering and have a particularly hairy dog :-(

  3. hey claire, i'll hopefully be adding more work so do pop back soon. the rug is lovely but sucks in hair, human and otherwise, certainly best suited to a pet free environment! x


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