Sunday, 24 February 2013


i bought one of these 'under this moon' necklaces for tk's lovely girlfriend for christmas (don't worry bro, i'll pick up the romantic slack for ya). saz was delighted with her gift and so was i, so much so that i ordered a necklace for myself with o-o and wee baby j's first moons. the package from amsterdam arrived in the post on the same morning as a belated christmas package from my upsidedown sis in australia, and guess what? my present from my sis was another moon necklace! she has my birthday moon and i have hers. of all the beautiful handmade items on etsy we chose the same, that's some spooky sister stuff... i couldn't be happier (o-o loves looking at 'his' moon), lovingly crafted and thoughtfully presented by a talented maker. i spent ages trying to take some nice photos, these are the best i could manage, apologies for the slightly grubby white t-shirt, i'm such a slummy mummy.


  1. I love those spooky sister shazam! moments, I have the same with my sister. Those handcrafted moon necklaces are wow, SO beautiful. Belinda x

  2. Thank you very much for sharing it :) I'm happy to be part of that amazing story


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