Sunday, 17 February 2013


wee baby j - feeling better
o-o - suddenly he's all limbs!

everything is slowly returning to normal after our ten days in hospital. wee baby j, thrilled to be back at home, in his highchair vantage point, is all smiles and poke-y out tongue. o-o, on a granny vava come down and with an indie schmindie hairdo is now a very much a small boy, he's noodle-ing out fast. 

being in hospital is something i'd never experienced before wee j's arrival and each time we've been in i've found it quite a challenge keeping the cabin fever at bay. however, in the midst of the tedium and the ready meals, chats in the parents' kitchen offer regular reminders of how lucky i am. with that in mind, i'm sending lots of get well soon love to all of the folk who are still up on the ninth floor and a big thank you to all the staff at RACH for being so very kind, you're all mint. 


  1. I'm glad to hear your baby is feeling better - ten days in hospital is a very long time indeed! He looks rather happy in that portrait, and your older boy - he looks like the coolest kid on the block!
    Ronnie xo

  2. thanks ronnie! it's so good to be back at home and enjoying time as a family again. x

  3. I missed this stint in hospital :-/ Glad to see your baby J is home smiling and bright-eyed. And o-o, what a little rock star! Belinda x

  4. Oh darling, I had no idea - we've been kept apart by babies, arty stuff and gawd knows what else. Lets catch up soon? Hope all is good for you now x



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