Tuesday, 24 January 2012


i wasn't completely idle during my pre christmas blog silence, i managed to get into the teeny tiny studio and make a new screen print; a tribute to the time honoured art of biscuit dunking. the print is available to buy now in my etsy and folksy shops. it fits neatly in an ikea ribba frame.
i chose the rich tea biscuit as it is a design classic but it isn't actually the best biscuit for dunking as peter kay will tell you...


  1. Love it!! Have you ever tried a rich tea biscuit butter sandwich? Two rich tea biscuits + a slather of real butter between = heaven! xxx

  2. thanks! i think i have sampled the joys of the rich tea biscuit and butter sandwich in my student days. back then i seemed to subsist on yoghurt, toast, tunnocks teacakes... thank goodness for m and his culinary skills. x

  3. Hi Sian,
    Love this print! We have featured it in a round-up of biscuity homeware treats on the Most Wanted online magazine today:
    Hope you like it! Have a fab weekend,
    Claire x

  4. hey claire,

    super excited to be featured in your round-up, especially alongside so many super artists and makers. thanks for including my work.

    cheers and have a cosy weekend!

    sian x


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