Saturday, 7 July 2012


it hasn't stopped raining, thank goodness we live on a hill. though it's not the weather for washable nappies... 
i realised we have a growing collection of red, yellow and orange vintage vehicles. i love toys that have been through the mill of love, so much nicer than shiny new things somehow.
wee baby j has been smiling in his snooze, bless. and i've brought the orange knitted trousers out of the loft.
o-o has been making use of the big box which our new orange bin was packaged in. here his companion mademoiselle o puts on a brave face for the camera. in other fun o-o is reluctant to wear clothes, he looks like a wild boy, naked and usually covered in a mixture of paint and melted iced lolly.

i should have been doing something like this (via design scouting). instead i have been sitting on the sofa, drinking tea and listening to o-o's eclectic spotify mega mix.


  1. what a perfect arrangement of cars and truck, thats art!

  2. o-o was not happy with the vehicles being positioned on their sides. had to take the photo quickly before he flipped them back onto their wheels and brumm-ed them away...


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