Monday, 24 September 2012

brighton art fair

on sunday i trundled down to the corn exchange with wee baby j and my pal emma bun to have a look at the brighton art fair. some of my highlights were...
art house meath i loved the colour palette used, almost neon oranges and pinks. i particularly coveted the tea party paintings. hardworking artists making art from the soul.

serena partridge delicate gloves and shoes made with teeny-tiny stitches (reminded me of the miniature shoes in my childhood copy of the elves and the shoe maker). 

box 2 it's always difficult to resist lovingly curated vintage ephemera.

alas wee baby j insisted on being carried around in my arms (not in the baby carrier, no siree), a full body work-out now that he's so big and wriggly, so i was not able to have a thorough peruse. glimpses of lots of inspiring work tho', made me want to make some art.

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