Wednesday, 14 November 2012



wee baby j is six months old today, his half birthday. he's started eating solids and spends many happy minutes trying to wrestle rice cakes and such into his mouth. here he is enjoying some broccoli. we love him very much and are so happy he's ours to keep. 

sorry i've been away from the blog for ages. we went up to manchester for half term and while we were there wee j was admitted to hospital suffering from bronchiolitis, very scary and sad to see him so poorly. wee j seems to have inherited my grandpa's penchant for pretty lady nurses, we knew he was on the mend when he started charming them all with his gummy smiles. the staff at the royal manchester children's hospital did an amazing job of caring for wee j (and me and m!) and we are really grateful to them all. the NHS really is aces.

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