Sunday, 14 July 2013


a most excellent weekend. school's out for lovely m, he has completed his annual trial-by-tedious-exam-board-marking and he has time for baking once more (see above). yesterday i printed the second separation of a new print, commissioned by all round good eggs pete and jess to mark their third wedding anniversary. heatwave temperatures meant i got a complete bead on working in the teeny-tiny home studio, this is bikram printmaking my friends. extremely limited space and inquisitive o-o mean i have to dry the prints in the bedrooms, which necessitates running up and down the 14 stairs which lead from my studio to the top floor, multiple times. and people ask me how i stay so slim...

in the afternoon we went to patchfest, a mini festival held at one of our local green spaces, the william clarke park. it was throng on. we met with friends and i had cause to use my teacher voice (still got it!) to resolve a bouncy castle based 'situation'. o-o did not have candy floss, he must never have candy floss, it would end in tears, mine.

today we've pootled about. drinking tea, eating brownies (see above), sitting in the sunshine in the back yard and keeping an eye on the avian goings on in our neighbourhood. the sparrows are delighted with the new perching spot provided by the gangly bamboo shoots that have grown, seemingly overnight, in response to the heat. the roofs are inhabited by teenage seagulls with terrible posture and questionable flying skills. they look on in envy at the aerial acrobatics of the swallows/swifts (my ornithological knowledge is somewhat lacking here) who dart about in the skies above their heads. wee j, who finds all this very interesting, points his chubby finger and says BAH!

and the kitchen is full of the scent of sweetpeas. all is well.

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