Wednesday, 21 January 2015

360 studio

hello strangers! it's been a while. so, we've moved back to the frozen north and this blog has been neglected, covered with cyber dust and virtual cobwebs. our new place is a semi in the world's quietest cup-de-sac. no drunken hipsters walk down THIS street shouting and guffawing at 4am (and hurrah for that). we've got a lovely garden with a pond (with frogs), an apple tree and beautiful stained glass in the front windows. my new studio is in the attached garage. it's luxuriously spacious compared to the old airing cupboard but is several degrees chillier.  i've been donning lots of layers (and the ever present nose drip) in order to make some new work. here's the studio post tidy-up (can you tell?). check out my new drying rack! and wait tip you see how much the kiddos have grown...

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