Saturday, 16 March 2013


wee baby j - one bear
o-o - three bears. woe betide the grown up who unknowingly stirs the bee juice into this boy's morning porridge, a mini meltdown will ensue. 'we're like the three bears mum, you're the daddy because you are big, i'm the mummy bear because i'm middle sized and j is the baby bear'.

just getting around looking through everyone else's 10/52 images now. i love this big/small bird's eye view. this photo of someone else living in endless northern hemisphere winter (and making the most of it by the looks, good to see some cosy layers amongst all the photos of sand dusted antipodean beach kiddos). and a pink tongue!

me and m had a splendidly unpunk friday night last evening. sat side by side on the sofa, he making an epic spotify playlist, me drawing rabbits, listening to the occasional brouhaha of passing revelers, so content.

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