Saturday, 2 March 2013


o-o and wee baby j - wooden spoon and a cardboard box, simple pleasures. then, suddenly sick of mama's camera, wee j places a hand on big bro's shoulder for reassurance. 

we're joining in with jodi's 52 project. last week i especially liked this shadow and these eyes. also, not part of that project but stumbled on this via jodi's links, so beautiful, makes me regret the fact that i didn't properly document the bump during either pregnancy, just a few photobooth (on the mac, i wouldn't have been able to fit into an actual photobooth!) and in-the-bathroom-mirror shots. i've inherited some of welsh grandma's superstitious ideas, it always felt a bit like tempting fate to take lots of photos, silly i know...


  1. Siblings playing is the best of simple pleasures.

  2. I love the bond of siblings. Just lovely.


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