Thursday, 25 April 2013


the sun has at last got his hat on and we are all a little pink, except poor m who, toiling at the chalk face does not see the light of day monday to friday. fearing that woolens will soon be confined to the wardrobe i tried to take a photo of o-o and wee j wearing their splendidly colourful knitwear (courtesy of great auntie g), this is the result... captures them, tho' not the garments, well. wee j is clutching piece of splintery kindling, his current favourite toy.
as you know, o-o seems to favour the performing arts over the visual. however, the posh german 'ferby' pencil crayons * i bought have prompted a new enthusiasm for colouring, the test runs of the lucky print providing a  handy canvas. 
* recommended; they feel nice in the hand and  the colours are strong, i'm throwing out all of our lidless felt tips!


  1. rugby tackle? O-O is truly the nephew of TK - or is it just the Welsh in him coming out?

    1. more of a bundle of love. my dad is pinning his hopes of on wee j being a prop forward, o-o's ambitions to BE dorothy from the wizard of oz would suggest perhaps he isn't cut out for the rugby field... x


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