Thursday, 4 April 2013

not at home

we're heading north tonight in the mum and dad mobile (roof box, car seats, wheels on the bus CD on loop). here're my grandparents having a much more fancy-free time, my gran and a gang of her female friends stayed in a holiday cottage called 'not-at-home' a few valleys along from their home town. their male friends and sweethearts came to visit for the day, legend has it that they got there by swimming along the coast (as great aunt g puts it 'those were the days when men were men and women were grateful'!). my gran's pal elsie always used to say 'that was the best holiday i ever had lil' to which my gran would reply 'that's because we had youth on our side'. strange to think i am now (much) older than they were when this was taken. i've always loved this snapshot, aren't they fabulous? my gran is top right in the dark jacket and my grandad is the one smoking a ridiculous pipe.
i'll be posting my 14/52 photos but it'll probably be a little quiet here other than that. have a super week and don't forget to enter my print giveaway, i'll be picking a winner on our return.

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