Saturday, 1 June 2013


the 52 project; british summertime edition...
wee baby j - enjoying a miniature 99 made from the snapped off bottom of the cone and a thimble full of vanilla ice-cream.
o-o - running into the sea at minehead, gulls wheeling overhead.
last week i liked dandelion clocks
i'm taking part in the 52 project, you can see all my 52 posts here.


  1. Oh gosh! what sweetness! adorable!! xo

  2. Oh summer how much l miss it right now. great photos. I have included you in this weeks blog link up

    1. thanks for the linkup mandi, i appreciate it. summer is finally here, kinda, we had a fire in the wood burner every night of the holiday! and that sea was mighty chilly...i didn't venture in. x


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