Friday, 24 May 2013

new camera: panasonic lumix GF1 and 20mm pancake lens

since going digital i've always had point and shoot cameras. all well and good but lately i've been feeling increasingly nostalgic for bokeh and twisty lenses and SLR. i'd go back to using my pentax K1000, art foundation camera, but it's one hell of a big fella and not sure i've got the discipline (or still enough kiddos!) to be that sparing with the number of shots i take.  having seen the beautiful images captured by jodi using her panasonic lumix GF1 (and 20mm pancake lens) i decided that was the combo for me. after much research on t'internet,  ebay watching and failed auction sniping the GF1 (and pancake lens) is finally MINE. so far i've just been noodling about taking photos of the washing line, my feet, the instruction manual and my loves. here are a few shots...
can't wait to get to know the camera better, it's coming on holiday with us next week, hopefully i'll return with some interesting pictures. now i just need to claw myself back into the black, limited edition screen print anyone?


  1. How exciting lovely, oh the possibilities! Are you shooting on manual? You may have seen Jodi mention it but photographer Tim Coulson is heading to the UK next month. In case you need a refresher, I highly recommend doing his class, 'The Nursery'. I did it, and it was a revelation. I haven't stopped shooting on manual since. B xx


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