Saturday, 11 May 2013

everything in the garden is lovely

linking up with the fab mammasaurus. thought you might like to see our patio transformation, it's from ages ago but i've just realised i haven't shared it here before. 
when we moved into the house the patio looked like a giant, soggy and rather miserable kim's game set-up (photo taken from the estate agent's spec hence lo-res)... 
we were very lucky that my mega, multi-talented bro very kindly agreed to transform the space. he is a legend. by way of payment i provided him with a regular supply of chocolate mallow treats and brews.
here is the completed patio. we have since removed the planter on wheels (on the right) as it was taking up a lot of space that is required by o-o for woodlice safaris, harassing snails, banging of sticks on watering cans and mud puddle creation.
here be other garden-y stuff.

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