Friday, 24 May 2013


we're off on holiday for a week tomorrow so i'm doing my 21/52 post early.
wee baby j - it's my party (kinda) and i'll cry if i want to... wee j's best pal big g is also his twin. big g's lovely mama and papa threw a party to celebrate big g's (and wee j's) first birthday. we had a great time but wee j was a bit alarmed by the squeaky balloon carrying forfeit during pass-the-parcel. 
o-o - i am a forest queen. 
last week i liked tall towers.
i'm taking part in the 52 project, you can see all my 52 posts here.

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  1. Oh, that pout! Bless his little face, what a great photo! haha. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, Sian!! Bx


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