Saturday, 26 October 2013


wee baby j - cross. he's had a horrible bug this week and has been sad, cross, sad, cross, sad. here he is, begging me to allow him to besmirch my camera lens with carrot-stick-y fingers. now that it's colder, the woollens are out again (did they ever go away? not according to this photo taken in the same spot in the summer sunshine!)
o-o - rainbow spotting with daddy last weekend. he loves looking out of his bedroom window, across the chimney pots and lichen covered roofs towards distant rolling hills (and into the neighbours' houses, it's like 'rear window', though thankfully we have not witnessed anything sinister thus far). i cannot believe he's been at school a whole (oxymoron!) half-term already. he's such a hero. 
last week i liked cheek rest, scribe, four and yet always five and toddle. i'm taking part in the 52 project, you can see all my 52 posts here and my three/52 selection here


  1. I love these, such an amazing shot of the grumps x

  2. Rainbows and chimney pots. I'd be well inclined to sit and daydream out that window too! Belinda x

  3. Awww, look at that poor sad face. The finger point just makes it even sadder (and very cute too.)
    Thank you so much for the link this week. You have a gorgeous and very creative blog :)

  4. What a sweet face.. Also, a lovely silhouette!

    Brandy Jane Mabel


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