Wednesday, 2 October 2013

paint pots

this morning, while the school-boy collected acorns, wee baby j and i took some photos of paint. it's nice to look at the colours and remember the prints that they featured in. 
i've used the paint photos to make a new banner for my folksy shop. folksy are rolling out a shop redesign. they asked me and some other sellers to try out the new shops before they are introduced across the site. i really like the icon buttons for social media, so much neater and easier to navigate. the option to rearrange your shop items and the large 'featured item' images help to showcase the work. i've used my nordic knitwear selfie as my profile image. what do you think, does a photo of the maker makes an online shop feel more personal?
then, while wee baby j had a nap continued printing the first separation of the shipping forecast and cuppa print. it's quite strenuous work, i will have abs of steel by the time the fourth edition is finished. i wanted to get the exact shade of blue-grey that i used before so i took a misprint from a previous edition down to the dulux centre, turns out they can scan the colour in order to get a precise match, who knew?

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