Saturday, 9 November 2013

be still my mis-registered heart

this morning o-o received a last minute invite to play at l-man's house and the lovely m took wee baby j to the fishmongers to buy some brill, brill. finding myself with a kiddo-free couple of hours and overcome by making-fever (truly, i'm obsessive when i'm mid-project) i took the opportunity to crack on with the the third separation of the new print. quite a few went a bit wonky and mis-registered. i quite like these little glitches and imperfections. what do you think?


  1. yes, I love the off-kilter! Am looking forward to seeing the new print, Sian.

    My friends finally moved off their boat and into a land dwelling, giving cause for me to finally to present their shipping forecast print housewarming gift. They absolutely LOVE it. You're so clever! Belinda x

    1. hey belinda, i'm really looking forward to showing you guys the new print, i'm pleased with how it's turned out (self praise is not praise!). just need to do the final separation on the second colour way and they'll be finished. thanks loads for the sweet feedback about the shipping print, i'm really glad your friends like it. happy new (terra firma) home to them! x


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