Sunday, 17 November 2013

one | behind the scenes at airing cupboard industries

i'm going to do a series of posts about the different stages of my creative process, from first ideas to screen printing in my home studio to selling the finished prints online. most of the images are taken while i was making my most recent 'home is wherever i'm with you' print.

one | first ideas
ideas, inspired by things childhood memories, vintage design, snippets of overheard conversation, nice things seen around and about, usually rattle around in my head for a while. eventually they fall out of my ears (or something, often when i've dropping off to sleep at night) and i jot them down in my sketchbook. i've talked about my love of keeping a sketchbook before. if i don't record my ideas they get forgotten, so for me it's really important to record thoughts and ideas on paper, in one place, before this happens. you can see a few pages from my sketchbooks here. sometimes the same ideas might pop up over several years/months before they become anything more than a quick doodle in my sketchbook. once i've decided to focus on one idea i do lots of drawing in my sketchbook, refining and tinkering with the basic imagery and text, honing it until its a (very rough) version of the final print. that's the process that you can see in the animated gif above (the first spread is the one with o-o in the top left corner).

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