Wednesday, 5 October 2011

flailing about

this has happened before. sometimes when i'm working on something i start to feel that i am in a rut of wrongness from which i am unable to escape. i carry on doing something despite the nagging feeling that it's not really working, it's a strange kind of stubbornness and i freely admit that it's pretty bonkers. so it was today. i started work on the new screenprint. first i had to trim lots of kraft paper to the required size, this took an age, maybe this investment of time was the reason i couldn't admit defeat later... once the paper was ready i started printing, the orange didn't really contrast enough with the brown kraft paper but i carried on anyway until i had lots and lots of orange on kraft prints. finally, after several hours i tried some white cartridge paper and instantly realised that this was much more successful. zoiks.

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