Friday, 7 October 2011

pocket treasures

i sleepwalk with o-o, that is, i push him in his buggy to get him to sleep. yesterday however, he skipped his nap, singing at the top of his voice and then declaring victoriously 'not sleep, no' as we returned home with him awake (and me in a grump at being denied my quiet hour drinking tea and faffing on the internet).

today i kept my expectations low and decided to go on an errand and see if he'd drop off. we went to the bank and on the way home, to a splendid source of treasures. the gods of junk were smiling on me and i found these lovely things...

a portable weighing machine ('old money' units), a sturdy biscuit cutter, a matchbox full of nibs, a very chippy wooden car and a red hat (not pictured, it's having a much needed wash). it must be a red day.

there's something very pleasing about organising flotsam and jetsam of this sort on a piece of kraft paper. i think they look a bit like a childhood collection which reminds me of the beautiful opening credits of to kill a mockingbird. a favourite. 

(and o-o went to sleep.)

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