Wednesday, 19 October 2011

left to my own devices

i eat boiled eggs for lunch.

rats to;
  • stupidly slow internet connection and virgin media not answering their phones despite VERY convoluted automated key pad intro system. a plague on all their houses.
  • loosing o-o's lovely yellow coat, fell out of the bottom of the buggy. sob. 
hurrah for;
  • pretty flower plate found in the street.
  • slab typefaces (don't refer to them as fonts, it annoys les.)
  • promo codes that actually work, got 15% off here with the code BL15 thus o-o's new rucksack cost £16.99 with gratisandforfree postage.
  • drawing drawing drawing with muji gel pens, the only nib that seems to be able to withstand my tougher than tough levels of drawing/writing pressure. i didn't get where i am today pressing on lightly like A.B.G.*
  • o-o and m playing raucous games of chase and having a good ol' tickle. 
  • half term holiday next week. school's out!
* a big girl

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