Wednesday, 6 July 2011

good times

auntie g has been here on a flying visit for the past couple of days. we've enjoyed lots of chats, tea and sing-a-longs. here's o-o giggling during some horse-y riding shenanigans. his t-shirt was a gift from my cousin (who lives in the wilds of north wales and, impressively, is fluent in the language of heaven despite not being a native speaker...), it says 'big trouble'. i don't normally like slogans on clothing but this one's a gem.

today we went into town (while o-o enjoyed a play at his friend's house for the morning). we went into toast where everything is loveliness. i bought this very nice jacket. an arm and a leg job, despite being in the sale but auntie g very generously went halves with me. makes me feel like a right swish mama. 


  1. Nice jacket! Is it from Toast, or does your tag relate to the snack of champions?

  2. toast IS the snack of champions but used the tag as the jacket is from the shop toast. way out of my price range in these frugal mama days, only justifiable with the sale discount and auntie g's contribution!


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