Monday, 11 July 2011


yikes, my mum was throwing out a table we've had since i was a tiddler. she's very unsentimental about that sort of thing, i, on the other hand, am a soppy old hoarder so i decided to bring it back to our house and do it up. anyways, when i removed the base (you know how thorough i am, remember the epic door painting project?) i found this dress folded up in the hollow upright section. i feel bad just binning it but i want rid of it as soon as possible so i'm listing it for a snip in my etsy vintage shop. here's the listing. please take it away.

*** 19th of july. the little dress has found a new home, posted it off to faraway shores this morning, phew! ***

on a side note, i thought i might coat the top of the table with blackboard paint, what do you think? i am rather obsessed with the stuff and fear once i start i will be unable to stop. o-o would be delighted with a blackboard painted home as he loves to draw on the walls & furniture, that's mostly what he's up to when he goes all quiet...


  1. I am sentimental too! I bet there are a lot of memories attached to that table! :)

  2. hi melissa, yes, that table is the scene of many a childhood tea party. you can't buy memories at ikea! x


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