Friday, 1 July 2011

things to do about the home

o-o is at b's hanging out with his pal l-man so i am taking the opportunity to continue with the door painting. progress is slow. i am doing it properly, the dad way, which involves a lot of preparation; stripping back to wood, sanding down and then applying many layers of paint (primer, undercoat, top coat). luckily i have a copy of 'things to do about the home' which has provided me with these handy instructions... 

the book is full of pleasing illustrations, perhaps one day i will turn some of them into screen-prints. in a way they remind me of some of the images in this book. anyway, the primer and undercoat are on. the undercoat is a lovely shade of soft grey, i do love grey. have my fingers crossed that the final door colour will be as beautiful. now i'm having a tea break. 

in other happy news; the jasmine is starting to flower. it's right next to the kitchen window so i am treated to its beautiful scent while i complete my housewifery tasks.

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