Friday, 8 July 2011


need to choose a pendant light for the living room. paralysed by indecision.

this is beautiful but for some reason you can't clip etsy items to polyvore. we have the ottava lights in the hallway, i love them but they are a bit industrial and we want the room to be cosy.

which one's your favourite? 


  1. definitely the bowler hats...

    how about this?
    they're also bringing one out that's a gigantic lightbulb (called Watt)

  2. lovely! have added it to the polyvore set and updated the post. so many options...

  3. I love those printed types of lampshades, you know, the ones you can get in Wickle, Lewis. Found these but they are not the same:

    Digg those:

    And I am always a sucker for paper lamp shades:

    But let´s not forget about the lovely homemade option, the doily shade!!! Super cosy:

  4. love the fox shades. and completing extensive interweb research before making this kind of purchase. m, on the other hand, fears the choice overload and favours the davey spun reflector from john lewis. 'let's just get that one!' he says as i deliberate...


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