Thursday, 23 June 2011

babies must wear wool

o-o wears a lot of hand-knitted clothes, he has several pairs of woolly trousers. it is my view that babies should wear hand knitted, woolly clothes as much as possible. cosy, stretchy and one-of-a-kind, so lovely. i made some orange trousers when i was pregnant using the instructions in this book by elizabeth zimmermann. here's tiddler o-o wearing them whilst doing a spot of radish leaf ripping (please excuse the depressing, student house carpet, it has since been removed). circular needles, they're the future. there are instructions in the book for adult sized knitted leggings, i would dearly love to knit m a pair but alas, i am slow of needle and it would take me the rest of my natural lifetime to make them.

i've spent the last hour trying to put up our 'hang it all' (ish, bought on ebay for £30, not the real thing) coat racks. i've given up; our house is made of some kind of crumbly substance similar to wensleydale cheese, the wall is now pock marked with many holes of varying sizes, none of which will accept a rawl plug. harumph!

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