Sunday, 19 June 2011

a cosy corner

cwtch is a welsh word that means something like 'safe place'. i've always loved cwtching up and now, in this cosy corner of t'internet i invite you all for a cyber cwtch, grab yourselves a nice warm blanket and a brew and have a read.

here i am (in the pink t-shirt, all serious like) in the mid 1980s with my siblings & our neighbours outside our tea crate make-shift home. that summer there was a glut of fruit on the big pear tree at the end of the garden. velour kids clothes, extreme blunt fringes and cloudless skies, those were shirley hughes days!
den in the garden with the pooles

this playhouse is much more deluxe, i love it but there was always something so nice about constructing your own without any grown ups bossing you about. here are some nice houses.
house blanket by donna wilson
cardboard playhouse 
theoakleaves on etsy
spreadthelove on etsy

seems you never grow out of den building. hurray. 

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