Monday, 27 June 2011

vintage treasures

the dusty church hall, the piles of stuff on rickety tables, the being forced to breathe through your mouth because of the stinksomeness of some of your fellow shoppers, nothing beats a jumble, few better ways to spend a saturday morning. moseyed up to the car boot on sunday so it was a weekend of junk shopping. returned from both laden with treasures (sneak preview above; assorted dice, slides, two aprons, butter knives, an amazing swimming cap adorned with plastic flowers, book about norway with excellent photos, cosy real wool coral coloured blanket, wooden easels, seersucker tablecloth of many colours, yellow raincoat in my size (HURRAH! eases the pain of this not fitting) with co-ordinating waders, folkloric lidded pot for the housekeeping money and cute wooden box containing a mysterious mechanical device amongst other things) some of which will be listed in the sianuskavintage shop soon.

and and and... some tiddler sized birkenstocks, dennis the menace hand knit jumper and posh linen trousers for o-o.

m made a delicious jamaican ginger cake from this book, perfect with a cuppa. we all enjoyed having my sweet sister here for a few days. everything in the garden is lovely.

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