Monday, 20 June 2011

sketchbook monday

i've been keeping a sketchbook for ages now. you should start one, i heartily recommend it. anyways, mine are all on a shelf in my tiny print studio, i use seawhite landscape A5 ones. every now and again i take one down and have a flick through. i thought i might make it a regular montag thing to share a sketchbook spread with you. so here's the first one (technophobes, double click on the image to make it bigger)...

o-o has been in a grump all morning. maybe his teeth are giving him gyp? he's got some mini canines a-comin though. just bought him this necklace, hopefully it'll do him the power of good. also, this is a good idea for a smaller tiddler. 

amber teething necklace from amberforsale

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