Tuesday, 28 June 2011

bowl cuts

at last! big chubby raindrops are falling and blitz and donner have arrived. i may be risking life and limb typing this, hopefully will not be incinerated by ball lightning coming through the computer screen. we've been all hot and bothered the last few days, the blood of the vikings makes us ill-suited to hot weather. yesterday poor o-o woke up early from his nap in a sweaty grump so he sat on the sofa with a melting mini milk ice lolly and watched mr benn.

then i gave him a haircut with an on trend short (and slightly asymmetric) fringe. here's some bowl-cut inspiration, me and my cousins in the early '80s. i may have to crush little frank, he has exceeded all reasonable levels of cuteness.

have added some monkey slides to the vintage shop.

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