Tuesday, 30 August 2011

are we nearly there yet?

l-man and o-o are asleep upstairs so i can't do anything useful (like finishing painting the bathroom window frames), instead i've had a quiet sit down and made an etsy treasury inspired by the camping holidays of my childhood. we had an 2 man orange 'vango' tent (which in this case slept a family of five), those seventies sleeping bags which were made of 100% synthetic fibres and brown plastic crockery. this blog really is excessively nostalgic isn't it?

recently rachel's made a confession regarding her teenage music tastes. as a dyed in the wool geek and as an act of solidarity i feel i must reveal the following;
1. at the start of secondary school i wore 'virgin' socks (thanks to jo for reminding me of this name for them).
2. i had a kind of canvas satchel as my school bag.  not one of those army surplus, vaguely alternative indie schmindie ones, this one was huge and blue with yellow piping.
3. i played something called the baritone horn in the school band. cellos, guitars and saxophones are sexy and cool, baritone horns are most definitely not.

were you a geek at school? do tell.


  1. Thanks for drawing attention to my shameful confession - may I remind you about the outsize amazing technicolour jumper? my personal fave ... XX

  2. i frickin' loved that jumper! x


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