Tuesday, 23 August 2011


we went swimming this morning. o-o hasn't been may times and he's a bit nervous. i should take him more often but the depilation preparation puts me off. the smell of chlorine took me back to childhood weekends at stretford baths (other smells evocative of that time are fag smoke and salt and vinegar crisps, in those days when people used to counter the good effects of exercise by smoking and eating junk food as soon as they left the changing room). after swimming i always used to have a bag of those reconstituted potato snacks that were shaped like fish and chips, not sure they still make them. they were delicious, i remember tearing the bag open so i could lick the salty flavour off the inside. 

my gran was a good swimmer in her day. she used to go with her uncle. here she is, my dad's mum. i made a graphic short story about her, you can see it here. my welsh gran, the one from the other beach photo, couldn't swim, when we went to the sea side she used to watch us anxiously from the shoreline shouting 'come back, don't go too far out!'. 

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