Thursday, 25 August 2011

victory is ours

unfurl the cyber bunting, percussionists of the internet, a drum roll please! two years after moving into the house we have a finished a room.

here are the floating shelves i mentioned earlier, constructed by grampy b with blood, sweat, tears and a fair bit of swearing; this is the building that right angles forgot. we have moved the majority of the books, a task that has proved to be a trial by tessellation. i have put a rudimentary classification system in place, what a geek, but mock all you want, at least we can find things now. some books have been donated to the saint vinnie's charity shop down the road and negotiations are ongoing about the fate of m's collection of slightly out-of-date 'rough guides'. m is loath to EVER part company with a book, i'm more of a 'if-you've-read-it-and-are-unlikely-to-do-so-again-then-let's-make-room-on-the-shelves' kinda girl, what's your take on this home library dilemma? hoard or purge?

the fulfillment of our storage dreams means we're selling our ikea 'besta' bookshelves, locals, have a gander here.


  1. Love the room, what is the grey you used? I'm struggling to decide on one and yours looks like what we're after!

    1. hiya liz, thanks for getting in touch. the paint is a good shade, quite warm, we're really pleased with it. we bought it at B&Q, it's from the (whisper it) laurence llewelyn bowen range for graham and brown. have just had a look at their website, perhaps they've change the name or stopped doing the one we bought as none of the shade names look familiar. i can have a look in the loft later, we still have a half used tin up there. good look with the project. x x x x


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