Friday, 26 August 2011


o-o is the big two! happy birthday honey dripper. here he is wearing his birthday crown. he has spent much of the day posting his farm animals through the windows of his new fold and go barn.


  1. this is so adorable! it made my eveing! :)

  2. thanks ladies for your sweet comments. it is indeed an extravaganza of cuteness! we had a birthday tea party today, m and i are both exhausted but a jolly time was had by all. i can't believe he's two already. seems like yesterday he swam into the world. x

  3. amazing crown - make me one? XX

  4. no birthday is complete without a bit of silly headgear. i made one last year for his first birthday, i think this now constitutes a family tradition.

    and, your wish is my command, you shall have a crown for your next cumpleanos! x


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