Wednesday, 17 August 2011

pigs & puzzle

we spent yesterday morning visiting a local farm. and then look what arrived in the post today. isn't this little porker puzzle fab? an ebay purchase and another addition to my burgeoning collection of vintage toys, i kid myself that they're for o-o...

very chuffed to see my old lady swearwords print here and here. thanks to linda and lucy!

just listed this book in my etsy vintage shop. great illustrations.

love this article about dressing toddlers. o-o has some red braces, so handy, especially with the big washable nappy bum. the girls' jeans for boys tip is great. am currently on the look out for a bow tie for o-o to wear to his great granny's big 9-0 birthday bash and then to his own party, can't believe he's going to be 2. my pal joe mc always rocked a dicky bow for special occasions in his toddler years, it's a hell of a look.

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