Friday, 19 August 2011

mum tip #2

save yourself a right faff by doing baby led weaning. they're ready to start when they can sit up unaided, grab an object and move it to their mouth (this tends to be at around about 6 months of age). i got this book which had some useful information. in a nut shell; you give your baby finger food and let them feed themselves, gradually phasing out the milk feeds as they become more successful at eating solids. we started o-o off on steamed veg and fruit but he quite quickly started tucking into whatever we were having. the tiddler joins in at family meal times; no tedious mushing up, ice cube trays of frozen puree or expensive jars of gloop... i found it the perfect solution for a lazy bones like me (and o-o loved it! photo above is of one of his first forays into the world of solid food).

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